Private Exclusive Training Call

Private Exclusive Training Call

FREE Private Exclusive Training Call

Join Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET and Susan Carraretto on the call:

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Reading, Writing, and Math Skills in Just Minutes a Day


Tuesday March 30th: 8pm EST; 7pm CST; 6pm MST; 5pm PST

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a Handbook on how to help your child improve their skills. Check your
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NOTE: ONLY 100 lucky people will join my clients on this exclusive training.

Here’s what you need to know right now about giving your child a 2 – 4 year
advantage in just 20 minutes a day.

1. This will work with every child,whether they have LD, dyslexia, ADHD, are
falling though the cracks, or are even gifted.

2. Much of this training is totally ‘below the radar.’ Your kids won’t even
realize they are learning with greater ease. Learning just becomes easier for

3. This system uses a speed to learning method that I have perfected over
the last 35+ years.

Not only will you have a way to profoundly impact your child’s learning,
but you will also impact your whole family’s quality of life.

Here’s what parents have to say:
“I’ve been homeschooling my son for 4 years and he had never picked up a
book to read on his own.
It was such a struggle to get him to want to read. I have to tell you, three
weeks after working with Bonnie Terry’s Learning System, we went to the
library, and my son actually picked out 3 chapter books to read. In fact, he
wouldn’t put the first book down until he finished it. Then he did a book
report on it, and picked up the next one and started reading it.
He read 3 books this week. He’s never done that before in his life. He used to
get so exhausted when he read, now he can’t get enough of it. It is so
exciting. When we are out and about in the car, he reads all of the street signs
and store signs too. He never did that before either. It has been such a
breakthrough for us, truly life changing. All of his skills are going up and his
confidence is too. Thank you.”
Lisa Cline, Parent of 4th grader, CA

“My son has been GREATLY helped by Bonnie Terry’s system. He is fourteen
now, and finally reading quite well. Bonnie, I want to thank you again for
everything you have done to help us homeschooling parents. I recommend
your system to all my friends, homeschooling or not. Thanks again!”
Millie H, Parent, FL

“I used Bonnie Terry’s system to improve my sons´ reading and overall they
enjoyed them, and also we had success in the improvement of their reading.
They are both quite good readers now. They once in awhile like to go back
and see how fast they can do the pages, just for fun.
Bonnie, thanks for the help you have given us. One of my sons was quite
dyslexic in reading, but after using your system, I rarely notice any sign of
it. He actually enjoys reading. He´s read Narnia on his own!”
Jeanine F, Parent, Il

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