Dyslexia therapy is an approach to reading and spelling that is based on the Orton-Gillingham philosophy of reading.  It is multi-sensory, systematic, explicit, diagnostic, prescriptive and scientifically proven to work.  Sounds, rules, and words are taught in the order of highest frequency in the English language.  Individuals who struggle with reading or spelling need explicit  instruction and continual practice to learn and retain skills and knowledge.  Without it, they are certain to have gaps in reading and spelling skills.

I can help your child experience success and learn to read and spell more efficiently.  2 - 3

one hour sessions per week is recommended for maximum effectiveness along with 10  minutes of daily practice work done at home.  I am available to come to your home, meet at a library or your child's school, or provide services online.  I also work with adults who may need help.  Please contact me for information on my rates .



                                                                " Reading is rocket science."

                                                                               Louisa Moats

Richfield, MN, USA

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